Differentiating with the quality standard it has offered to its consumers since its establishment in 1980, Balparmak assumes the leadership of the sector in this sense. Working according to international standards on food safety, Balparmak also holds international food safety system certificates such as FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) and BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standards). Having the first R&D Center in Turkey in the field of honey and other bee products and the 8th in the field of food, Balparmak; Thanks to the Honey and Other Bee Products Research and Quality Control Laboratory accredited by TÜRKAK, it analyzes the products it offers to its consumers in at least 100 parameters.

Balparmak's rich product range includes strained flower honeys, pine honey, monoflora honeys, Anatolian Tastes Group, HoneyMix and Apitera series obtained from different regions.

Apitera product family, the good life brand of Balparmak, is included in the innovative food supplement category within the scope of honey and other bee products as a result of the product development studies carried out at the Balparmak R&D Center.

Combining bee products with special plant extracts containing standardized active ingredients, the products of the Apitera series with vitamin and mineral additives are called Apitera Plus. In the Apitera product family, Apitera Zen, Apitera PLUS Zen; Apitera Up, Apitera Plus Up; Apitera Mind, Apitera Plus Mind; Apitera Dox; Apitera Gest; Apitera Kids Banana; Apitera Mix Orange; Apitera Plus Mix; In addition to Apitera Plus Kids, there are Apitera Plus Propolis Spray, Apitera Plus Forte Propolis for adults and Apitera Plus Propolis vitamin C products for children.

Balparmak continues to work towards the goal of becoming a "knowledgeable institution" in all bee products category nationally and internationally, bringing innovative products to consumers under the roof of the Balparmak R&D Center, which includes research laboratories equipped with advanced technical equipment and devices, where experts work.

Balparmak carries out its activities in order to offer its consumers products that preserve their naturalness from the hive to the table. Apitera Plus Propolis Spray, developed by Balparmak in R&D Center in cooperation with TÜBİTAK MAM, Apitera Plus Forte Propolis for adults and Apitera Plus Propolis Children's functional food supplements for children brought together consumers. In 2023, Capsule form products Apitera Plus Propolis and Apitera Plus Royal Jelly started to take place on the shelves. Scientific development studies of innovative products for children continue.

The value required for the export of honey is defined as 7% all over the world and is one of the first parameters considered in export. In the research conducted at the Balparmak R&D Center, it was revealed that the C4 analysis method was not suitable for pine honey and it was determined that a different method should be applied.

Balparmak aims to brand the pine honey, which is unique to Turkey and meets the world's needs of 92%, by making it a world-renowned product, identifying other bee products such as royal jelly, pollen, propolis, bee venom, bee bread, and branding them on a global platform through geographical marking.

In addition to method development studies for the determination of counterfeit and adulteration in honey and other bee products, innovative method development studies are also carried out at the Balparmak R&D Center. A first in the world, a method to detect the presence of brown rice syrup used for adulteration in honey was developed and it was published in "LWT Food Science & Technology", one of the world's respected scientific journals, and entered the world literature.